How Drapes Really Finish a Room

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Wow, just check out the difference in this room when you add drapes.                       Pretty amazing that you can get this kind of

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Staging for Resale

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 You can make a dramatic difference in the style of your home’s interior by simply changing the wall color and updating one or two furnishing. Today’s color trends can be broken down into these

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How to Makeover Wood Barstools

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Sometimes you just want to take something that is so blah but necessary to have and jazz it up a bit. That was the inspiration for this bar stool project. Most of us now days have them, but how

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Fall Colors and your China

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Fall is here  along with her beautiful colors. Every year I get excited about holiday decorating and bringing touches of the outdoors inside. The problem is that when I selected my china it was

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Use Red in your Interior

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I was relaxing at the beach this fall with friends and family and enjoying watching the guys fish when suddenly my friend Larry caught a huge Red Drum fish. It was above the size limit to keep

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Home Office Under the Stairs

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When my father passed away 2 years ago my mother needed to stay with me to help her with her grief. My son had also recently returned home from college to finish his last year of school. This

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Trending Transitional Interiors

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There are many styles to choose from and most are defined by specific traits. One of the hottest design styles trending currently is transitional because it incorporates its main themes from

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From Vision to Creation

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Hey Everybody and welcome to my blog “From vision to creation”, I am so excited to be starting this adventure and can’t wait to hear from all of you guys out there. I’m a

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Blog Coming Soon!

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Welcome to my new website.  I’m working on all my content, the blog will be up and running shortly.  I hope you will return often to catch up on latest projects, plus my hints & tips on

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