This first wine closet is also located below a stairway. I love adding details like the back lighting of the wine bottles with low heat fluorescent lighting that won’t compromise the climate controlled environment. All of the iron work was custom made by a local Knoxville artisan to reflect the existing design of the iron rails and balustrade on the stairway. The added wooden cabinet storage above the wine bottles boasts a custom designed cabinet pull in the initial N for the client’s last name and a pull down dry prep bar for opening and pouring the wine. The wall racks on the wall add to the quaint country french design. The iron wall sconce and back-lighting behind the wine bottles creates an ambiance that even Napoleon would treasure. Remember small spaces can be a great way to add something unexpected in your home. Think outside the box, this could also be a great office space. Don’t just think of closets as storage for your Christmas decorations. Come out of the closet today. This is a close up of the custom cabinet pull on the dry prep bar.

The wine closet to the immediate left was for the 2007 Knoxville Symphony Show House, a fun design challenge. Imagine having a small awkward closet under the stairs and needing to store 50 bottles of wine and many various liquor’s in this little space. Actually it was a lot of fun designing this custom wine closet/cellar. All the wrought iron work is custom and made by a local Knoxville artisan. The decorative tempered glass in the door allows the iron to be seen on both sides but keeps the cool regulated air inside at just the right temperature for wine. The back corner area of the wine closet allowed for a floor to ceiling custom iron wine rack that matches the iron on the door and the smaller stairwell rack. The 12′ ceiling height gave us the perfect nook to place some florals above the wine bottles. The wood and iron shelves for the liquor match the rest of the wrought iron and are located high on the wall to prevent anyone bumping their head or shoulders.

Another custom wine storage rack is located in the hall next to the kitchen and the dining room making serving a glass of wine convenient for every occasion. We were able to accomplish this by building in to the wall which lets traffic go through the hall uninterrupted. By mixing stained wood trim with an open design iron door we play up the textural differences in the two materials. When you know this is where the bottle of wine you are drinking came from your mind can’t help but drift to Italy and European design.

Good decorating consists of taking existing elements like the iron stair rail and balustrade and working them into the new project so the renovation appears like it was always a part of the home and not an unplanned after thought.