The wonderful drama and old world accents reflected on the exterior of this home continues to the interior decorating. The pass through frames the view of the dining room/music room when looking from the kitchen. This view really shows how important planning for traffic patterns can be. The details of how much space to allow for guests and family to flow in today’s open floor plans makes it a must to consult professional interior designers to review your plans for furniture placement before costly building mistakes occur.

Guest’s love to be able to look around while dining and encounter something new to view. It makes entertaining an experience for all the senses to see an interior decorated in a unique style. Mix wood and paint finishes on your furnishings to create a welcoming old world feeling that guests will eat up.

Placing the drapes on the wall to each side of the window allows you to enjoy all the natural light and see the beautiful stained window trim molding. Window treatments done in this manner extend the visual size of your window while draping them. The rich jewel tone colors on the settee are repeated in the curtains behind them in order to balance the vignette. Tonality and texture are further enhanced by using a light color on the backs of the club chairs.

This combination dining room and music room revolves around a central fireplace that opens on both sides. My clients loved the concept of the double sided fireplace but were unsure about how to arrange the furniture in the space. To bring the 2 spaces together the china hutch was placed on the common entry wall and used to display a collection of china & crystal & hand painted plates from the client’s father along with family memorabilia. This created a connection in the theme between the two rooms thus making an environment to dine and enjoy music from one of the family’s many musicians.