You can make a dramatic difference in the style of your home’s interior by simply changing the wall color and updating one or two furnishing. Today’s color trends can be broken down into these concepts. First is a neutral wall color and more specifically for the fall of 2013 and 2014 you will see many neutrals in grey. Light grey and grey as an undertone to the lighter hues. Secondly you will see bolder colors used on furnishing, both upholstery and case goods. And thirdly you will see a mix of more contemporary furnishings appear on the scene.


Traditional  Style Keeping Room

Traditional Style Keeping Room









So today we are going to show you how to take a very traditional room and update the look with a minimal amount of work, time, and money. Take a look above at this before picture of this Keeping room. The things that are dating this look are the gold wall, the over accessorizing, the abundance of brass on the lighting, and the heavy traditional drapes with trim.

Keeping Room side view 2







Now look at the same room. It is much cleaner and brighter and the look we are seeing in the trendy stores. So what did we do here that brought this transformation about? First we removed the drapes and a lot of the artwork and patched the walls to have a smooth surface to paint which was the second thing we did. While the paint was drying we hung a new ceiling fan and removed the pot rack in the kitchen.

Keeping Room Update

Keeping Room Update











We purchased 2 identical chairs that had a contemporary flair to them to use next to the fireplace. The accessories are the same but there are fewer of them and we only kept the larger ones that make a statement verses clutter. Which is another decorating trend right now :-).

Notice the Black Lacquer Cross Back Detail on the Chair Back

Notice the Black Lacquer Cross Back Detail on the Chair Back










So there you go, you can do this same makeover in a weekend for about the price of a can of paint. Our total cost for this makeover was $400.00 because we added the chairs and ceiling fan. Now this home is ready for the market and top dollar.

Hey guys send me pictures of your makeover and we will post them on our pinterest page for you and don’t forget to pin the items you like on our site.

PS Here’s a great designer tip, when hanging your TV on the wall use this trick to hide the cords. Purchase 2 cord grommets for furniture at the hardware store. Hang the TV according to the directions on your bracket. Once the TV is installed drill a hole in the sheetrock behind the TV and just below the bracket, now drill another hole above the baseboard. Please pay attention to the placement of electrical outlets and other things like pipes that may be inside your wall and make sure not to place your holes where you may damage one of these items. Once you have the holes drilled place to grommet outer ring in the hole to give a finished look. Now take an electricians fishing tape and go inside the wall from bottom to top with the tape. When the tape comes out the top hole attach your TV electrical lines and cable and slowly and smoothly fish them down to the hole at the base board. WooHoo! you did it. Plug in the power and cable, clip the cord management cover on and you are ready to watch that flick.

Be advised this is not to code to run cords through your wall so  check out for Power Bridge Total Solution Flat Panel In-Wall Power and Cable Management Kit to easily and safely accomplish this.