Double VanityThere are many styles to choose from and most are defined by specific traits. One of the hottest design styles trending currently is transitional because it incorporates its main themes from traditional and contemporary but also compliments many other styles.

Transitional design allows you to select your favorite elements from different styles or to incorporate items you’ve inherited and accumulated during your travels. It also provides a way to create a fresh and clean look by bringing in simple, sleeker elements without abandoning everything you already own.  It differs from eclectic in that it is a smoother transition between styles and produces a cleaner less cluttered look.

In transitional design, you take the fussy out of traditional style and the stark out of contemporary style and mix them together.  In life and home design, the marriage of opposites is always interesting and filled with challenges and rewards. Combining conservative, traditional or historical designs with fresh, innovative contemporary style requires thoughtful planning and an eye for balance. Done right, the result is a timeless interior that is very appealing.