I was relaxing at the beach this fall with friends and family and enjoying watching the guys fish when suddenly my friend Larry caught a huge Red Drum fish. It was above the size limit to keep but we all had a big time looking at the drum and snapping photos before we had to throw him back to his home in the sea. Right before we tossed him back in I looked into his huge mouth and the inside gills were this beautiful red coral color. I was so surprised to see such a rich depth of red inside a fish mouth.

Channel fish, Puppy drum, channel bass, spot fish

Catch of the Day











It started me thinking about all the colors of the sea and how relaxing they are when brought together by nature. We sometimes fear the color red and think it will be too bold or unsettling. Nature has shown us that all colors work together to create new color schemes and that red can go with any of them. Think of all the seasons and landscapes, either leaves, flowers, rocks, sky or fish mouths, “HEHE” have some shade of red.

Coral and metal lamp, industrial steel and coral lamp, black lamp shade

Steel Red Coral Topped Lamp









Pairing red with aqua and sandy colored shades can make for a relaxing and intriguing color combination in any room. When you draw from nature the palette is endless. So next time you go fishing maybe you will be inspired to see color in a new way and add a splash of red too.

aqua colors, natures palette, sea glass colorssmocked curtians, burlap curtains, hand smocked