Sleeping in LuxuryI took a houseboat vacation this past weekend on Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky and had so much fun with 4 other couples that I can’t wait to do this again. In fact it got all of us thinking about the wonderful possibilities of living on the lake in a floating home. Being rocked to sleep every night, enjoying a new view every day, scaleing down and taking care of fewer belongings.

Then I got to thinking about the possibilities of designing the interior of a houseboat. Wow, they are endless. I would want to have all the luxuries of home in a sleek and refined style but someone else wanted to have a cozy feeling with touches of their currant home.

I did a google image search of houseboats when I got back and was amazed at all the great interiors that are out there boaters. I’m posting a picture of our boat along with a few of these other boats too.

Houseboating on Dale Hollow LakeDo your own search and share your favorites with me, I can’t wait to see the diversity.

As a side note Ollie, my wonder dog, had his own vacation at the pet sitter’s house. She fell in love with him and took him home for the weekend where he attended a cookout for the Vols football game and made 4 new friends, Sadie, Barley Jack, Rocky, and Lexie.

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